Moringa Leaf

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Moringa oleifera is native to India where it is utilized in a number of preparations. For thousands of years, moringa leaf has been a source of nutrition, while the timber from the morgina tree provides building materials. Moringa leaves and seed pods are often eaten for their nutritious value and the roots made into a pungent condiment. The leaf is used extensively in Ayurveda and is typically steeped as moringa tea.

Moringa is a tree that has been used for thousands of years in India for everything from food, to building materials, and also for its beneficial properties. This 'wonder tree' truly is wondrous in that each part of the tree is useful. The roots, stems, leaves, seed pods, resin and flowers are considered to be healing herbs in Ayurvedic (traditional Indian healing system) and Unani (traditional Middle Eastern healing system) folk medicine. In modern times, the leaves and seed pods are utilized extensively due to their nutrient content and modern studies are investigating their vast potential. Other common names include drumsticktree, West Indian ben, muringa (Tamil), jacinto (Spanish), sahijan or munaga (Hindi), and shigru or shobhanjana (Ayurvedic).

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