What is Colon Hydrotherapy anyway?

Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy is an internal cleansing of warm purified water through the rectrum into the large intestine. Helping to eliminate impacted fecal matter, toxin build up, mucus, and gas.

Invest in Your Wellness

Despite our best efforts to eat healthy and exercise, sometimes we slip. Sometimes the remnants of that less-than-ideal lifestyle get deposited in our bodies in places that weigh us down and make us feel sluggish. At Rebel Wellness, we can help. Laura is trained, certified and committed to providing the best experience possible so that you can feel like yourself again.


Who can benefit from a colon cleanse?

People of all ages and physical fitness can benefit from colonics as a type of colon cleanse to help heal health problems. The root of many illnesses is due to the fermentation caused by waste and gas trapped in the colon. By releasing these waste products and gently easing them out of the colon, you will embark on a journey towards better overall health. We recommend a colonic cleanse for clients who are experiencing bloating, constipation, fatigue, moodiness, skin issues, sugar cravings, and weight management issues.


Common Misconceptions


Will colonics negatively impact my gut flora?

Just like a garden, we must weed it for the flowers to flourish. The same is true in the gut! Colonics wash away impacted fecal matter that is hindering the natural balance of bacteria in your large intestine. Washing away layers of impacted fecal matter gives the good bacteria an opportunity to repopulate, instead of being constantly overpowered by bad bacteria, such as candida and mucous.


Will my colon become reliant on colonics?

Getting regular colonics doesn’t mean your colon will become reliant on them or you won’t be able to have a bowel movement on your own. Actually, the opposite is true - colonics helps to strengthen and tone your colon, which results in stronger peristaltic movement over time.⁣


Will colonics hurt?

No, colonic hydrotherapy treatment does not hurt. As your body releases gas and matter you may feel cramping, but not pain. Depending on the fullness of your colon, some feel a bit more pressure because of the build up of gas in their body. As you are relieved of gas and matter you begin to feel lighter and less pressure.


Laura is a Madison native, she has lived all over the country, and moved to Milwaukee in 2017. She ended up in the holistic health field after her own health crisis. In March of 2020, Laura became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist in the Woods Gravity Method.This fall she is enrolled in a program to become a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and studies medicinal herb at the Natural Food Shop. She is continuously striving to learn diverse healing methods in order to assist her clients in their health and healing journeys. 


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